Santana Mine Operations Q1 Update

Minera Alamos announces an update for the Santana Gold Mine as the company ramps up gold production in preparation for full commercial production.

Gold and silver head back to support

Over the past few days, gold and silver have attempted to break out to the upside but have failed. The next logical step is a return to support, $1,900 for gold and $25.5 for silver. The pattern suggests a test or a breakdown through those levels.

Nickel price jumps 30% to 15-year high

Nickel prices jumped 30% to near 15-year highs and aluminum climbed to a record above $4 000/t as fears of major disruptions to supplies due to financial sanctions on Russia fuelled a buying frenzy.

Gold hits 1.5-year high

Gold prices are higher in midday U.S. trading Monday, but well down from their overnight 1.5-year high of $2,007.50.