Google will soon read websites to you

Google on Tuesday announced during CES 2020 that Google Assistant will soon be able to read websites to you. This could offer easier access to information for people who are visually impaired.

Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV First Impressions

There was a time not so long ago - last year, basically - where just the fact that it carried an 8K resolution would have made Samsung’s new Q950 (Q950S in the US, Q950TS in Europe) TV a talking point. Just a few days into 2020, though, 8K TVs are everywhere, frankly. So it’s just as well that the Q950 has plenty of other things to shout about beyond the huge number of pixels it carries. Starting with its design.

Apple’s ‘big story’ this holiday season is its credit card, analyst says

The “big story” for Apple this holiday shopping season won’t be what products consumers buy but how they pay for it, according to D.A. Davidson & Co. analyst Tom Forte. “AirPods Pro [is] a good product, but I think the story for Apple’s holiday sales this year is in payments with the Apple Card,” he said Friday on “Closing Bell.”