Peloton is rolling out new apps for Apple Watch and Amazon Fire TV, plus cheaper pricing

  • 12/04/2019
  • Source: CNBC
  • by: Christina Farr
Peloton is rolling out new apps for Apple Watch and Amazon Fire TV, plus cheaper pricing
Peloton said Wednesday it is releasing a new Apple Watch app and Amazon Fire TV integration.

Peloton, which went public in the fall, sells a combination of connected exercise machines and fitness classes to around 1.6 million people. It is known for having a die-hard fan base, on par with companies like Apple and Tesla.

The high-end hardware, including a treadmill and cycle, costs thousands of dollars and comes with a $39 per month subscription to classes that are streamed to the equipment’s built-in screens. But the company also offers a cheaper “digital” membership for anyone to access classes like yoga and running, which don’t require an expensive Peloton machine. It’s also looking to expand that subscription base by slashing prices for the membership down to less than $13 per month.

The move is also important to Apple, which has large ambitions when it comes to health and fitness technology. Peloton is a natural extension of Apple’s luxury brand, and some have even speculated that Apple might want to acquire Peloton as it seeks to grow its business into new products and services outside the iPhone.



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