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BREAKING: Leading Gold Miner Announces MAJOR Investment In…


“Game-Changing” Idaho Discovery That Ignites New Mineral Rush

       ***Early-Stage Mining Company Procures
Massive Stake Right In The Center Of It All***



Zeus North America Mining Corp (CSE: ZEUS | OTC: ZUUZF ) is an early-stage mineral exploration company at the center of a major U.S. mining rush.

It has acquired a land package adjacent to a major U.S. mineral discovery. 

This discovery is a “game changer” in many ways.

It has attracted major attention from geologists, professional mining investors, and major mining companies.

Shares in the company that made the discovery ran up as much as 710% higher in just three months.

Early investors saw total potential gains of more than $100 million.

The world’s second largest gold miner – a company that mines $8 BILLION in gold annually – made a major investment of more than C$23 million to make sure it has a stake in it all.

And the discovery has kicked off a major staking rush in and around the discovery.

Many investors missed out on this major run, but Zeus North America Mining Corp. (CSE: ZEUS | OTC: ZUUZF ) announced a large claim adjacent to the massive discovery and it is just launching its exploration program.


The Start Of It All:
Game-Changing Discovery

To understand why the world’s largest miners are racing to ensure they have a piece of the largest U.S. mineral discovery in years, you’ve got to start with the discovery that started it all.

The company that made the discovery is named Hercules Silver (CA:BIG).

Hercules announced it would start drilling its Leviathan property in Western Idaho (about an hour north of Boise) at the end of May 2023. 

The drills started turning a few months after the announcement. 

And when the company got the assay results back from the lab, everything changed. 

On October 10th Hercules announced it had struck strong copper (0.84% grade) mineralization across a long length (185 meters – about two football fields). 

This is the key here.

The discovery was a major intercept of copper, not silver.

That may seem a bit odd because Hercules Silver, as the name implies, was likely exploring for silver.

It’s in Idaho too, where silver has played a major role in the state’s long mining history.

In fact, Idaho’s “Silver Valley” has been mining silver for more than 100 years and produced 1.2 billion ounces of silver.

But this was a copper discovery.

And that made it a big deal for Hercules and the entire area.

This announcement transformed Hercules instantly from a small silver exploration company to a company with a potential copper discovery.

The copper was indicative of what’s called a “porphyry” deposit and that’s what makes into a true game-changer.

A fortune-making storm of activity quickly followed.


The Race Begins:
710% In Three Months

Porphyry deposits are an incredibly valuable type of mineral deposit.

They are formed by underground geologic activity (it can be described like a volcano that doesn’t reach the surface).

The heat and disturbances cause mineralization flow up closer to the surface.

Here’s a drawing of a typical porphyry:

The image shows how underground geologic activity creates big, heavily mineralized, and extremely valuable deposits.

From there, the economics of a discovery change monumentally.

The Arizona Geological Society says, “Porphyry copper deposits are the most important source for copper.”

The numbers bear it out too.

Just look at the top five largest mines in the world.

They are all porphyry deposits.  

In fact, seven of the ten largest mines in the world are mining porphyry deposits.

That’s why Hercules Silver hitting copper was such a big deal in the mining world.

Hercules shares were trading around 20 cents (Canadian) before this discovery was announced.

Its shares climbed all the way up to C$1.62 over the next few months. 

The rise was 710% in less than two months.

This chart shows how fast it all happened:

This meteoric rise is just one sign of the size and scope of discovery in this region.
The share price performance sent the value of investors positions soaring too.

There were likely more than a few fortunes made when the entire company’s value catapulted from $30 million market to a peak of more than $200 million.

But this still more proof of the massive potential scope of this discovery.

Barrick Gold (US:GOLD), the world’s second largest gold miner, announced a direct investment of just over C$23 million into Hercules Silver. 

That’s a huge investment and there’s a reason for it.

We’re talking about more than a potential copper porphyry discovery because porphyrys don’t come alone, they come in groups.

Where there’s one porphyry, there are usually many more.

These copper porphyry belts make up the mineralization of the world’s largest copper producing countries.

Chile, Peru, Indonesia, and Australia’s massive copper production are dominated by copper porphyrys.

And this is where Zeus Mining comes in.


Zeus North America Mining Stakes Out Adjacent Claims

Zeus has acquired a major land package adjacent to Hercules’ potential major discovery.

It covers over 3800 acres and the location is near the “sweet spot” where the original discovery was made and right along the same underlying geological trends.

Here is the map of the Zeus project:

The box on the lower left of the image is Hercules Silver’s property.

That’s where the massive discovery occurred that launched Hercules shares and attracted Barrick Gold to invest directly. 

The box to the upper right delineates Zeus’ project. 

It is less than two kilometers (about a 20 minute walk) and, more importantly, is right along the same geologic trends. 

The discovery zone contains a mudstone trend and a rhyolite trend. 

The rhyolite explains a lot of the potential mineralization here. 

Rhyolite is a volcanic mineralization that would have the potential to provide the major copper mineralization that Hercules already discovered. 

In the map the rhyolite mineralization trends through Hercules’ project and right into Zeus property. 

That’s going to be the focus of the exploration by Zeus.


Zeus is led by a group of international mining executives with long and broad experience throughout the exploration and mining industry. 

They are:

Dean Besserer - President, CEO and Director

Mr. Besserer is the President, CEO and Director at Zeus North America Mining Corp. and has more than three decades of capital market and mineral exploration experience working in over 50 countries, including across much of North America and often leading projects with annual budgets exceeding US$20 million.

This includes projects for gold, base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals from grassroots to feasibility. Mr. Besserer was previously Vice President and Partner at APEX Geoscience Ltd., a consulting firm with offices in Canada, the U.S., and Australia, with clients which include both major and junior mining companies.

In addition, Mr. Besserer previously served as a director of Brilliant Mining, Niblack Resources, Sentosa Mining, the General Manager of Exploration for Jervois Global and, the Vice President of Exploration for various junior mining companies. He is a Professional Geologist and a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101.

Jesse Hahn - Director

Jesse Hahn holds the position of Director at Zeus North America Mining Corp.

He is also on the board of Canamera Energy Metals Corp., Kraken Energy Corp. and Prisma Exploration, Inc. and Vice President of Natural Fibre Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Hahn previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer & Independent Director at Waraba Gold Ltd. and CFO, Secretary & Independent Director at Serra Energy Metals Corp.

Jesse Hahn received an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta.

Barry Hartley - Director, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Barry Hartley holds the position of Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Zeus North America Mining Corp.

He is also on the board of Stamper Oil & Gas Corp., First Hydrogen Corp. and Prisma Exploration, Inc. and Partner at Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton LaBonte LLP.

In his past career Barry Hartley held the position of President, Secretary & Director at Recharge Resources Ltd., Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Sennen Potash Corp., Chief Financial Officer & Director at Remington Resources, Inc., Chief Financial Officer & Director at Tajiri Resources Corp., Secretary & Director at Waraba Gold Ltd., Chief Financial Officer of Canamera Energy Metals Corp., Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Serra Energy Metals Corp., Chief Financial Officer, Secretary & Director at Kraken Energy Corp., Chief Financial Officer at Sukari Ventures Corp. and Chief Financial Officer & Director at Gravis Energy Corp.

He received an undergraduate degree from the University of Johannesburg.

James McCrea - Director

James A. McCrea a Director at Zeus North America Mining Corp. is on the board of Stamper Oil & Gas Corp., Juggernaut Exploration Ltd., and Prisma Exploration, Inc. and Member of Geoscientists Canada and Member of Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia.

James A. McCrea previously held the position of Geologist at SSR Mining, Inc., Vice President-Exploration for T2 Metals Corp., Vice President-Exploration for Patriot Battery Metals, Inc. and Geologist at Fidelity Minerals Corp.

Mr. McCrea received an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta.

Andreas Schleich - Director

Presently, Mr. Andreas Schleich a Director at Zeus North America Mining Corp., occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer & Director at Greenbank Ventures, Inc., Chief Executive Officer of ROMI Lab, Chief Executive Officer of Able & Howe Group, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of charify.me GmbH. Mr. Schleich is also on the board of Margaret Lake Diamonds, Inc.


Full Speed Ahead

Zeus Mining has laid out a comprehensive exploration and development schedule.

This will include all the expected porphyry exploration work including an Induced Polarization (“IP”) survey, ground magnetics, surface soil and rock sampling, culminating in a detailed drilling plan.

This is the same exploration path to success that Hercules Silver has already laid down.

You’ve seen how fast success can follow.

Hercules shares went up more than 700% in less than three months.



Zeus Mining has so much going for it. 

It’s in the right place. 

It has secured a large package of exploration rights in one of the hottest exploration regions in the world.

Zeus’ project has surface mineralization and outcroppings and it’s on the same geological trends as Hercules’ big discovery.

Zeus is still early in the early stages of development.

Zeus in the stage before the big discovery, stock run-up, and major mining company investment.

For many investors, that’s an ideal stage to be in.

Consider looking at Zeus North America Mining Corp. (CSE: ZEUS | OTC: ZUUZF) today.


Barrick Gold investment In Hercules
33,556,870 common shares and 6,804,918 warrants of Hercules, representing approximately 15.09% of the outstanding Hercules common shares on a non-diluted basis, and 17.61% on a partially-diluted basis.

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