GG.Bet to host CS:GO tournament at ICE London 2020

GG.Bet to host CS:GO tournament at ICE London 2020
Online betting platform GG.Bet has announced its plans to host a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at gaming exhibition ICE London in February.

GG.Bet ICE Challenge, which will take place at the ExCel convention centre in London from February 4-6th, features eight CS:GO teams and a lofty $250,000 (£188,761) prize pool.

This year’s iteration of the event will see a large increase in scale comparatively to the GG.Bet ICE Challenge held at the conference in 2019. Last year’s make sported four teams and a $50,000 prize pot, half of which was awarded to the tournament’s winner, North.

The eight invited teams for this year’s GG.Bet ICE Challenge are, Heroic, Natus Vincere, ENCE, GODSENT, mousesports, MAD Lions, and OG.


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