Pot Companies Reveal Earnings A Month After Canadian Legalization
Four major Canada-based weed producers are set to report earnings next week, the biggest financial test for the companies since Canada legalized adult recreational use of cannabis on Oct. 17. Read more
Bitcoin: The Calm Before The Storm
Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has been remarkably stable in recent months. In fact, for over two months now Bitcoin has traded in an incredibly narrow range of around $6,000 - $6,800. Read more

Why CBD Infused Beverage Will Soon Be On The Shelves

  • 11/09/2018
  • Source: CNN Money
  • by: Paul R. La Monica
Why CBD Infused Beverage Will Soon Be On The Shelves
Congress is set to pass the Farm Bill, which would make it legal to produce hemp and potentially open the door for more products containing cannabidiol, or CBD. Now that Democrats will control the House, excitement for its passage is growing. Read more

What The Midterm Election Means For Stocks

  • 11/08/2018 08:50 PM
  • Source: Value Walk
  • by: Dr. David Kass
What The Midterm Election Means For Stocks
Whatever you thought about the midterm election results this week, you can say this much: The stock market was taking it all in stride, up more than 1 percent across the three major indexes. Read more
Canopy Growth to Spend $115 Million to Grow Marijuana in EU
Canopy Growth Corp., one of the world’s biggest medical cannabis companies, is planning a major investment in Europe. The marijuana grower will spend more than 100 million euros ($115 million) to expand production in the EU over the next two years. Read more

Why You Need to Add Gold and Oil To Your Portfolio Now

  • 11/01/2018 01:55 PM
  • Source: Kiplinger
  • by: James Glassman
Why You Need to Add Gold and Oil To Your Portfolio Now
Many investors are naturally worried that the fun may end soon. They’re looking for other places to put their money, and two popular choices are oil and gold. In recent years, neither commodity has moved in tandem with the stock market. Read more

Investors Seek Clarity From U.S Elections

Investors Seek Clarity From U.S Elections
It not a surprise to see a mixed picture across global equity markets overnight as investors are very much in a ‘wait-and-see mode’ ahead of today’s U.S midterm elections. Read more
Big Soda And The Ballot: Soda Industry To Combat Taxes
Taxing soda is an increasingly popular approach to raising revenue while combating obesity, which affects 40 percent of American adults. But the sweetened-beverage industry is not about to go away quietly. Read more
Choom Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) Emerges As Marijuana Retail Leader After Major Financial Backing From Aurora Cannabis (NYSE | TSX: ACB)
Breaking Down Aurora's (TSX | NYSE: ACB) $20 million investment in Choom (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) Read more
Cannabis-Infused Beverages Explode to $600 Million Market
The market for marijuana-infused beverages could hit $600 million in the US by 2022. CBD beverages alone could hit $260 million, with the remainder coming from THC-infused beverages. Big beverage makers have already taken notice and some are actively pursuing deals to capture the market. Read more

Why You Need To Invest In The Only Crypto ETF

Why You Need To Invest In The Only Crypto ETF
Millennials may be skeptical of overarching financial institutions, but when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the largest generation in the U.S. eagerly embraces potential disruption, according to a new study published by Edelman. Read more

The Politics Of Pot

  • 10/30/2018
  • Source: Bloomberg
  • by: Craig Giammona
The Politics Of Pot
In the aftermath of pot legalization north of the border, attention has turned to the world’s largest economy and the potential for a U.S. marijuana market that could be worth $75 billion by 2030, according to an estimate from Cowen & Co. Read more