Backdoor Solar Play Building Steam

Backdoor Solar Play Building Steam


Best Way To Play Solar Surge

The long-promised "Solar Renaissance" is here.

Solar panel production is going parabolic. 

The industry is in full collapse because of it. 

And it’s opening up a unique opportunity that’s just starting to move up. 

This is a good one that could really explode in the next 12-18 months.

But now is the time to get in. 

And it all starts with the current state of the solar industry. 

Right now the solar industry is great. It’s rocking. 

The chart below shows solar industry sales are soaring around the world:

The growth is staggering and there’s even more coming next year. 

The solar industry, however, is getting crushed. 

Here’s why.

Solar panel prices have collapsed. 

This chart shows how ugly it is:

The collapse in solar prices has taken the solar sector down right along with it. 

Solar stocks are getting crushed.

The Solar Energy Index is down 41% in the last year and 66% since 2021.

And with the industry’s main products down 90% in price, there’s no much upside either. 

But the huge volume in solar panels is driving a major surge for silver. 

Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity (it’s better than copper, but not used in houses because it's about 60X more expensive) and it’s an essential part of all modern solar panels. 

The average solar panel uses about 20 grams (about 2/3s of an ounce) of silver.

As solar panel production has exploded, it’s taken silver demand right along with it.

The Silver Institute estimates that solar production consumed 5% of silver supply in 2018. 

The surge in solar panels has pushed the share of consumption up to 13.8% last year. 

And Bloomberg estimates solar panel production could consume 20% of the world’s silver supply by 2030. 

Meanwhile, silver mining (and copper and gold mining which produce almost 80% of the world’s silver as a byproduct) haven’t expanded much in over a decade.

Demand surging and supply flat usually means prices are going up. 

If that’s true here, silver prices have a long way to go as they’re still 40% below highs set more than a decade ago. 



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