Copper And Silver Break Out: Check Out This Copper/Silver Mining Junior

Copper And Silver Break Out: Check Out This Copper/Silver Mining Junior
We recently introduced investors to Zeus North America Mining Corp. (CSE:ZEUS / OTC:ZUUZF), a copper/silver junior exploration company.

ZEUS is holding the Cuddy Mountain Property, which is on-strike/adjacent to the Hercules Project of Hercules Silver (TSX.V:BIG). More on this later.

Commodity markets are on fire and, at the moment, the strongest bull market runs are being seen in copper and silver.

Copper hits new record-high

The price of copper has broken out to a new all-time high above $11,000 per tonne, and is up more than 30% so far this year. This surge is derived from:
This represents the worst supply-crisis in the history of the copper market.

Short term, Goldman Sachs is warning of a potential “stock-out episode” by Q4 where Western warehouse copper inventories approach zero. Long term, there are virtually no major copper discoveries in the pipeline, as pointed out by Robert Friedland of Ivanhoe Mining.

And both traders and market analysts are finally taking notice.
However, as strong as copper has looked in recent weeks, silver is even hotter.

Silver is up ~40% since March 1st

Unlike copper, silver hasn’t hit a new record price – yet. However, the silver market has been red-hot since the end of February.

The white metal has recently soared above $32/oz, the highest price since 2013. Technically, there is now no “resistance” for the silver market until it approaches the current all-time high of ~$49/oz.

Silver’s strength is a combination of its perennial status as a precious metal and its spectacular chemical/metallurgical properties that, arguably, make silver the most-useful industrial metal.

Decades of underpricing has consumed global silver stockpiles that were accumulated over (literally) thousands of years.

Unique copper/silver mining opportunity

For mining investors who are looking for exposure to both copper and silver, Zeus’s Cuddy Mountain Property is located in a unique geological formation in Idaho that features porphyry copper mineralization beneath a thick layer of high-grade silver.

As previously noted, Cuddy Mountain is on-strike and adjacent to Hercules Silver’s Hercules Project.

Idaho is world-famous for its silver production. Nearly 800 million ounces of silver was mined in the state during its first century of silver mining (1864 – 1964) alone.

Hercules Silver has produced a number of impressive drilling intercepts for silver mineralization. However, Hercules caused major ripples in the mining industry when it made an important copper discovery beneath the high-grade silver it is drilling out in its Hercules Project.

Several drilling intercepts of broad porphyry copper mineralization have already been released, including:
  •          0.84% copper (Cu), 111 ppm molybdenum (mo), and 2.6 g/t silver (Ag) over 185 meters

Hercules has called this surprising new copper discovery the Leviathan Porphyry.

“Major ripples”?

Within weeks of Hercules’ copper discovery, $31-billion mining giant Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD) was writing Hercules Silver a check for CAD$23.4 million as a strategic investment.

Since that time, Barrick has been staking out virtually every patch of prospective geology it can find in this mining district. And Barrick is not alone. Rio Tinto is already active and other mining multinationals are rumored to be sniffing around as well.

It’s not just the copper. Hercules continues to report very impressive silver intercepts – near surface – including this recent stunning drill result.
  •          112.2 meters of 193 g/t Ag, 1.75% zinc (Zn), and 0.7% lead (Pb), including 11.3 meters of 1,660 g/t Ag

This high-grade silver mineralization begins at a depth of less than 40 meters.

While late-comers to this district are scrambling for whatever land packages they can find, Zeus’ Cuddy Mountain Property is strategically located in the same geology, right next door.

Near-term investment drivers for ZEUS

In addition to the surging metals markets, there are two near-term drivers for Zeus North America Mining of which investors need to be aware.

First, Hercules Silver has recently commenced a new 20,000-meter drilling program on the Hercules Project. Drilling on the first three holes is already underway.

Three drill rigs have been mobilized, capable of reaching depths of up 2,000 meters beneath surface.

This is significant because all of the previous best copper intercepts on the Hercules property ended in copper mineralization. New drilling will test this mineralization at depth.

The Leviathan Porphyry is also open laterally in several directions – which is of great interest to investors in ZEUS. Any expansion of copper mineralization either laterally or at depth can only improve investor sentiment.

Meanwhile, Zeus itself has just announced its own initial exploration program for the Cuddy Mountain Project. On May 23, 2024; Zeus North America Mining put out a corporate update.

In its summer work program for 2024, the Company plans:
  •          Soil sampling
  •          Mapping
  •          Prospecting and rock grab samples
  •          High-resolution ground magnetics

For investors, it will reveal some preliminary indications of mineralization. For Zeus, it will provide valuable data to further focus the next phase of exploration.

Dean Besserer, President CEO of Zeus North America Mining Corp., framed the scenario for investors.
“This is one of the largest staking rushes I’ve seen in my career. Many still don’t recognize the magnitude of this discovery as it has unveiled a new and previously unknown Porphyry Copper belt.”

Two major commodity markets are on fire.

The Hercules Project in Idaho has already shown both robust, near-surface, high-grade silver mineralization and an even more robust major copper porphyry discovery beneath the silver mineralization.

A new 20,000-meter drilling program is underway to expand upon the copper mineralization and test the Leviathan Porphyry both laterally and at depth.

Adjacent to the Hercules Project is Zeus and its Cuddy Mountain Project. Now Zeus itself is commencing exploration operations.

For mining investors interested in adding exposure to both copper and silver, Zeus North America Mining offers investors a strong value proposition with an entry-level market cap of only $17.5 million.
Zeus Corporate Presentation (April 2024)

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The global copper supply chain needs to be rebuilt. Hundreds of billions will be flowing into the industry. Much of this funding must flow into the copper exploration companies.


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