Why World's Largest Companies Are Buying In Big To Hydrogen Power

Why World's Largest Companies Are Buying In Big To Hydrogen Power


Best Energy Bet Of The Decade

You should be sceptical. 

The Texas Power Crisis of 2021 should raise doubts about the viability of a “green” or “clean” energy for everyone. 

Texas, which if it were a country would be the third largest oil producer in the world, had a major power blackout of catastrophic. 

The reason? 

Years of buildout of wind and solar plants. 

All of Europe shutting down nuclear plants and coal mines for decades and building wind and solar farms have led directly into an energy winter. 

There have been many. 

There will be many more. 

So it’s alright to be sceptical about green energy. 

If not for the mandates, subsidies, and every other kind of opaque financial support provided to the green energy sector, it would collapse. 

There is one potential exception.

The economics are actually competitive with gasoline and diesel fuel. 

It is poised to grow fast just by investments from Totyota, Fedex, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and other corporate giants. 

But when you add in mandates and subsidies, you get the opportunity for exponential growth. 

Here’s that everyone can get behind. 

MIT: "The Race Is On" For Hydrogen Power

The energy I’m talking about is hydrogen. 

Wait a second…Hear me out. 

Hydrogen was overhyped. 

Hydrogen has gotten a bad rap because of all the hype in the mid-2000s. 

There were a lot of overzealous and drastically wrong predictions for hydrogen. 

There were plenty of headlines like this: Future cars could be fuelled by hydrogen technology.

Chevrolet announced a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell powered Equinox’s. 

The “pitch” for hydrogen was the best of all of it. 

The only emission from hydrogen fuel cells would be water. 

If something is too good to be true…you know the deal. 

Well, a lot’s changed since then. 

And those changes are the driving forces behind one of the biggest growth industries of the 2020s. 

The hydrogen fuel market is on the cusp of an exponential upswing according to this chart from Precedence Research:

That is the kind of growth behind all the fastest growing major industries of the last decade or so. 

It’s also the growth that propelled some monumental fortunes for those who bought in early on. 

But if you really want to make the most of this opportunity, you have to understand the numerous applications where hydrogen power is a better and, in time, cheaper alternative energy source than traditional hydrocarbons. 

Consider this. 


Many of the old promises are about hydrogen replacing gasoline. 

But gasoline is really only used in cars, lawnmowers, and a few other limited applications. 

The real future of hydrogen is much broader than gasoline because hydrogen can be used in place of diesel, the fuel that really runs the world. 

Hydrogen is expected to be a viable alternative fuel for trucking, shipping, industrial, and flight too. 

The world’s largest companies have announced major hydrogen energy initiatives. 

For example, Nestle announced its first hydrogen freight train.

The train will transport Netsle’s VITTEL brand water from the Vosges mountains of France to distribution throughout the country.  

The rail market is a huge opportunity for hydrogen. But it’s just one. 

Coca-Cola has rolled out a first fleet of 50 forklifts in U.S. shipping and warehouse operations. 

Amazon recently announced an expanded hydrogen power deal with Plug Power. 

The expansion will require Amazon to purchase 10,950 tons per year of green hydrogen by 2025, enough to power 800 long haul trucks or 30,000 forklifts. 

Microsoft recently announced a successful test application for hydrogen power at one of its data centers. 

The test was as a replacement of the diesel generators which supply back-up power in the case of an outage. 

Walmart is one of the largest transportation companies in america. 

It has 12,000 drivers, 10,000 tractors and 80,000 trailers driving 1.1 billion miles every year.

And it too is looking dead on at incorporating hydrogen into its massive logistics network. 

Walmart has already made the hydrogen shift in forklifts. 

Walmart stated, “The advantage of hydrogen is that, compared to battery-electric, it has a higher range of around 400 miles, takes significantly less time to refuel and weighs less, allowing us to haul more freight.”

That statement right there sums up the many advantages of hydrogen power. 

Hydrogen power is really competitive. 

But to be perfectly clear, it’s not perfect. 

There is a “catch.”

There's always a catch.

But it’s also presenting a huge opportunity - possibly the biggest of all in the industry.  

Tomorrow we’ll look at that specific problem and how the companies that can address it are set up to be huge winners with years of exponential growth ahead of them. 



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