Wall Street’s Early Voting Results Are In And...

Wall Street’s Early Voting Results Are In And...

We’re looking for indicators in the market about what the presidential results will be. 

Nothing is clear. 

But we do have two potential indicators. 

First, the Dow is up 500 points as we write.

Stocks don’t normally rise 1.8% when a huge tax increase is on the horizon. 

Second, solar stocks are down on a big up day for the markets. 

The Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) is down by 2.2% as we write. 

If there is one sector set to do well or poorly given the election results, it’s solar. 

Granted, it’s an imperfect day for it though. 

The ETF”s largest holding, Solaredge Technologies (SEDG), dropped 22% after it missed revenue expectations and said next quarter wasn’t going to be good either. 

So again, these are market indicators of what’s set to happen tonight, but too imperfect to draw any conclusions. 


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