SKRR Starts Drilling On Olson Project With Gold Stocks On Sale

SKRR Starts Drilling On Olson Project With Gold Stocks On Sale
Gold and gold mining stocks are especially cheap as SKRR exploration commences its first drilling program

The pullback in the price of gold from August’s all-time high of $2070 per ounce has taken its toll on mining stock valuations.

The bad news for shareholders of junior gold exploration company, SKRR Exploration (CAN:SKRR / US:SKRRF) is that the share price has retreated from its own all-time high of CAD$0.50 back down to CAD$0.30.

The good news for mining investors is that SKRR’s share price has retreated from its all-time high of CAD$0.50 back down to CAD$0.30.

Why? Two reasons.

Buying opportunity in the gold sector

The price of gold fell as much as 10% from its recent high before recovering some of that lost ground. But most analysts see much higher prices ahead.
Bloomberg published that BoA forecast back in April. What has changed since then? Nothing.

Interest rates will be frozen at insane, record lows for at least several more years.

No end in sight to hyperinflationary currency creation by central banks. No end in sight to enormous economic uncertainty. No end in sight to the worst geopolitical tensions since the last World War.

No end in sight to soaring sovereign/corporate/individual debt. No end in sight to record unemployment. No end in sight to soaring bankruptcies. Etc., etc., etc.

The pullback in the price of gold isn’t the end of a rally. It’s a very convenient buying opportunity for those who are still underweight precious metals (i.e. more than 90% of investors).

Buying opportunity for SKRR

Buying shares in SKRR because the stock is “currently cheap” isn’t a bad reason to invest.

Dynamic Wealth Research has previously highlighted SKRR’s award-winning exploration team and its prime positioning in an emerging gold district in Northern Saskatchewan.
Chairman Ross McElroy has been decorated by PDAC for exploration success and was previously Northern Miner’s “Mining Person of the Year”.

Board Advisor, Ron Netolitzky is a former PDAC Prospector of the Year and in 2015 was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.

Both have extensive knowledge of Saskatchewan geology.

The Company’s portfolio of prospective gold properties are located in the Trans Hudson Corridor, proximate to the high grade/high margin Seabee Gold Mining Complex, owned and operated by SSR Mining (US:SSRM / CAN:SSRM).

SKRR has now amassed a total of five Saskatchewan land packages. Its flagship project is the 5,835-hectare Olson Gold Property.

Here is a better reason to invest in SKRR. The Company has just announced that it is beginning its first drilling program on the Olson Project.

On October 13, 2020, SKRR released the latest update on its 2020 exploration work.

Like almost all mining companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed SKRR’s exploration program for this year. But preliminary soil samples and rock channel samples have been completed.

Drilling underway on the Olson Project

Now the Company is sending in a drill rig.

SKRR is commencing a 12-hole 1850-meter drilling program for Olson. Three high-priority target areas will be tested with this near-surface drilling: Jena-Juba, Point-Tuscan, and the Siskin target.

SKRR’s CEO Sherman Dahl connected the dots for investors.
“Our team has a history of identifying world class discoveries. We look forward to continuing their record in the gold producing Trans Hudson Corridor. This drilling campaign follows a very successful field work program in an under explored property with multiple high-grade gold occurrences.”

The Olson Property has seen ~4,500 meters of historic drilling. This includes a previous intercept of 2.07 g/t gold over 7.5 meters.

Grab samples at the Jena – Juba target have yielded assays of up to 15.7 g/t gold. Sampling at Point – Tuscan has returned readings of up to 45.1 g/t gold. There is gold to be found.

What SKRR’s exploration team is looking for in this region is the next Seabee: a multi-million ounce gold deposit with head grades approaching 10 g/t gold and cash costs below $500 per ounce. Rich grades, high margins.

SSR Mining itself is confident that there is much more gold to be discovered in this emerging gold district in Saskatchewan. It is pumping millions of dollars into new exploration on both its own gold property and also in a joint venture with a neighboring junior mining company, Taiga Gold Corp (CAN:TGC).

But SSR Mining has a market cap of $5.65 billion and several other operating mines. Any exploration success it has around Seabee offers limited upside potential to investors.

Strong upside potential

SKRR, on the other hand, sits with a compact market cap of only CAD$8 million following its recent pullback. Drilling success at Olson should generate strong returns for investors.

With the price of gold due to rebound and mining company share prices currently depressed, this magnifies the breakout potential for SKRR on any positive drilling results.

Dynamic Wealth has previously highlighted the multi-bagger potential for significant gold discoveries.
Junior gold exploration company Great Bear Resources (CAN:GBR) has generated nearly a 50-bagger for investors since its August 2018 gold discovery.

Karora Resources (CAN:RNX) and Novo Resources (CAN:NVO) have also made recent gold discoveries that produced greater-than ten times returns for shareholders. Such stocks are potential portfolio-makers.

Gold is cheap right now. Gold mining stocks are cheaper still.

SKRR’s award-winning exploration team has just started drilling in a highly-prospective region for gold.

Good odds for mining investors looking for their own ten-bagger. Good timing now for new gold investments.

DISCLOSURE: SKRR Exploration Inc is a client of Dynamic Wealth Research.

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