Exciting Gold Exploration Opportunity With Award-Winning Management Team

Exciting Gold Exploration Opportunity With Award-Winning Management Team
Precious metals are on fire.

The price of gold is at a near nine-year high. It’s currently trading at $1860/oz.

Silver is at a 6-year high. It just hit $23/oz.

For investors looking to capitalize on this new bull market, bullion is good but mining stocks are better.

One junior gold exploration company has been loading up properties in an emerging Canadian gold district. Its blue-chip management team is led by exploration veterans who have participated in several major mining discoveries.

More on this later.

Gold mining companies provide natural leverage to the price of gold. And gold mining stocks began this rally priced at historic lows versus gold itself.

Early-stage exploration = home run potential

Gold mining investors will want to own the whole supply chain in this rally. But as with any sector, maximum returns come from emerging juniors.

The poster-child today for new gold discoveries is Great Bear Resources Ltd. (CAN:GBR).

GBR has generated nearly a 50-bagger for investors since making its major Dixie Project gold discovery in August 2018. Its market cap has risen to nearly CAD$1 billion.

But that’s yesterday’s news. Mining investors will be much more interested in where the next big discovery will come.

One exciting option among early-stage gold exploration companies is SKRR Exploration Inc. (CAN:SKRR / US:SKKRF).

SKRR has been amassing a large portfolio of gold properties in Northern Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan? It’s not even on the map of most gold mining investors. But it should be.

Hundreds of gold mineralization “occurrences” have already been identified in the province. Yet only 1% of Canada’s gold exploration spending has flowed into this province.

Saskatchewan is a renowned mining jurisdiction.

It boasts world-class mining operations in uranium and potash. The province is continually ranked near the top – globally – as a leading jurisdiction for mining investment. Lots of mining infrastructure. An experienced labor pool of mining professionals.

We’ve covered SKRR previously.
The Company has amassed 5 gold projects in Northern Saskatchewan. Most are centered around the Seabee Mining Complex and feature similar geology to Seabee.

Seabee is a high grade/low cost multi-million ounce gold mining operation, currently producing over 100,000 ounces of gold per year.

It is owned by SSR Mining (US:SSRM / CAN:SSRM), a major gold/silver producer.  SSR itself is aggressively exploring the region for additional gold discoveries. It has invested millions of dollars in recent years seeking to bolster its gold resources.

SKRR Management boasts track record of major discoveries

SKRR is also exploring for gold in the prospective gold-bearing geology around Seabee.

Two factors will motivate seasoned mining investors to take a closer look at SKRR.
  1. Award-winning exploration veterans (Ross McElroy and Ron Netolitzky) have played prominent roles in several major mining discoveries
  2. SKRR has a current market cap of just under CAD$6 million

Mining companies typically focus their exploration around established mining projects. The best place to make a new discovery is near an existing mineral deposit.

Likewise, the best people to make a new mining discovery are mining veterans who have a track record of major exploration successes.
Ross McElroy (Chairman of the Board, P.Geol)
  • Instrumental in several major uranium discoveries in Saskatchewan
  • Participated in three high-grade gold discoveries
  • 2014 PDAC award for exploration success
  • 2013 Northern Miner “Mining Person of the Year”

Ron Netolitzky (Advisor to the Board)

  • Directly associated with three major gold discoveries (Eskay Creek, Snip and Brewery Creek)
  • Participated in several lucrative exits (CAD$577 million take-out by Yamana, CAD$372 million take-out by Osisko Mining)
  • PDAC Prospector of the Year
  • Inducted into Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (2015)

Been there. Done that.

The next home run?

Now these mining professionals are looking to do it again – with SKRR.

Gold mining stocks are set up for an epic rally. The price of gold is closing in on an all-time high, but mining stocks have been lagging this rally (to date).

As these gold mining stocks heat up, now is the time for investors to be jumping on this new bull market.

For those looking for a mining home run, SKRR Exploration is strategically positioned for success. Its 2020 exploration program is fully funded.

With a CAD$6 million market cap (and the gold sector on fire) any exploration successes should richly reward investors.

Batter up!

DISCLOSURE: SKRR Exploration is a client of Dynamic Wealth Research.


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