Major Buying Opportunity for SKRR as Winter Drilling Program Announced

Major Buying Opportunity for SKRR as Winter Drilling Program Announced
  • SKRR announces new 1,500-meter winter drilling program for Leland Project
  • Drilling on flagship Olson Gold Property just completed, assays pending

Gold stocks are on sale.

Dynamic Wealth Research highlighted this fact in a recent article.
As gold (and silver) prices recover from the latest market shock, all of the fundamentals for this new, long-term bull market remain intact. Indeed, with dealer inventories of physical bullion still dangerously low, the mining stocks may be all that is available for precious metals investors in the near future.

Investors are always advised to hold a basket of these mining stocks (to diversify risk), from established producers all the way to early-stage exploration.

For investors looking to add a junior gold exploration play to their portfolio, the timing is perfect to acquire a position in SKRR Exploration (CAN:SKRR / US:SKKRF / GER:B04Q).

Perfect entry window for SKRR Exploration

Apart from the attractive pricing of all gold mining stocks at present, there are two important reasons why savvy mining investors may see today as the ideal window to take a position in SKRR.
  1. It has just completed a 2,986-meter drill program on its flagship Olson Gold Property, with assay results pending.
  2. It just announced a new 1,500-meter drill program on its Leland Gold Project, just 23 kilometers southwest of SSR Mining’s high grade/high margin Seabee Gold Operation.

SKRR’s operations are all in Northern Saskatchewan, in a geological formation called the Trans Hudson Corridor.

The Trans Hudson stretches across much of central North America, from northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba (in Canada) down through the Dakotas in the United States. Included in this geology is the legendary Homestake Gold Mine (40+ million ounces of gold).

The northern region of the Trans Hudson is extremely under-explored for gold mineralization. But the  Northern Saskatchewan portion could be emerging into a new gold district – centered around the multi-million ounce Seabee/Santoy Gold Mines.

Opportunity knocks.

It’s the right time to invest in gold exploration companies. It’s the right place to be exploring for gold. But as Dynamic Wealth Research has stressed previously, perhaps most importantly SKRR has the right people to be conducting this exploration.
Exciting Gold Exploration Opportunity With Award-Winning Management Team

Ross McElroy (Chairman of the Board, P.Geol)
  • Instrumental in several major uranium discoveries in Saskatchewan
  • Participated in three high-grade gold discoveries
  • 2014 PDAC award for exploration success
  • 2013 Northern Miner “Mining Person of the Year”

Ron Netolitzky (Advisor to the Board)
  • Directly associated with three major gold discoveries (Eskay Creek, Snip and Brewery Creek)
  • Participated in several lucrative exits (CAD$577 million take-out by Yamana, CAD$372 million take-out by Osisko Mining)
  • PDAC Prospector of the Year
  • Inducted into Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (2015)

That’s world-class talent in mining exploration, with the track record of success to prove it.

Had gold mining stocks remained as hot as they were with gold at its recent high of $2,070/oz, SKRR’s share price would likely have already run up in anticipation of its first drill results on the Olson Gold Property.

Instead, the market has been soft for these companies. SKRR sits today with a market cap of CAD$10 million, with one set of drill results pending – and more drilling on the way in the near future.

SKRR offers investors maximum leverage opportunity

Early-stage mining exploration is admittedly a high-risk/high-reward proposition. But with two sets of drill results to drive the share price and (currently) a tiny market cap, the “reward” side of the proposition rarely looks more attractive.

Look at the pop that those exploration companies delivered to shareholders, from much higher bases. And the gold mining industry was much more depressed at the time that those discoveries were made.

Now consider the traction you can get on your investment if SKRR reports any significant success at either Olson or Leland – in the middle of a bull market. You only have to buy one ticket, but you get two draws for the ‘grand prize’.

Today, we are in the middle of an explosive bull market for gold. Yet SKRR is priced cheaper today than junior explorers were being priced in bear market conditions for gold mining stocks.

There are no guarantees in the world of mining. But for gold mining investors looking for the best odds of landing the next ten-bagger in gold mining, SKRR is very well positioned – and it's definitely time to put it on your watchlist.

DISCLOSURE: The writer holds shares of SKRR Exploration. SKRR Exploration is a client of Dynamic Wealth Research.

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