Combination of gold, bitcoin and bonds to beat inflation

The investment environment will be changing in 2022, and a combination of gold, bitcoin and bonds could be the winning one, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

The commodities space could be at risk of a reversal following an inflationary spike this year, said Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone.

"Sustained inflation from commodities may be more elusive than ever. We expect 2022 to be a good test and a similar price cure as peaking grains in 2021. The propensity for money supply and the stock market to sustain about 40% appreciation since the end of 2019 is low. A Bitcoin, gold and long-bond combination may outperform in most scenarios," McGlone said in a report. "Commodity supply and demand elasticity are ripe in 2022 to regain pre-pandemic force."

Gold is set up very well for 2022 after developing solid support at the $1,700 an ounce level this year.


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