Another Billion-Dollar Graphene Stock?

Another Billion-Dollar Graphene Stock?
For any serious tech investor, exposure to graphene is a “must” for their portfolio.

Why? Graphene is simply the next revolutionary industrial material.

When Canadian-listed NanoXplore Inc (TSX:GRA) reported a significant breakthrough in producing graphene from graphite, it took the stock from a market cap of <CAD$300 million up to a peak of ~CAD$1.5 billion (USD$1.2 billion) at the end of 2021.

The meltdown in tech stocks this year has taken GRA back to a market cap of CAD$500 million. But when current market volatility subsides, NanoXplore is well positioned to regain a $1b market cap.

Will HydroGraph Clean Power Inc (CAN:HG / US:HGCPF) be another billion-dollar graphene stock? More on this later.

Investors have heard about “revolutionary materials” before.
The introduction of steel during the Industrial Revolution transformed the global economy due to its strength and durability. When industrialization led to the electrification of our economies, the conductivity of refined copper revolutionized this transition.

The invention of aluminum allowed manufacturers to maintain much of the strength and durability of steel, its greatly reduced mass generated yet another material-based revolution.

Then there is graphene.

It’s 200x stronger than steel. In terms of electrical conductivity, it has 1,000X the capacity of copper. Graphene is also extremely light weight (1,000 times lighter than paper), which translates into enormous mass-savings versus using aluminum.

Graphene also boasts other properties that make it ideal as a hi-tech material for the 21st century as seen in the illustration below.

Did we mention that graphene sheets can be produced in thicknesses as thin as a single atom, which could enable breakthroughs in sensors, microchips and other electronic devices?
These remarkable properties earned a Nobel Prize in 2010 for the inventors of graphene: Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester.


Two huge problems remain to be solved:
  1.        How to incorporate this Miracle Material into the devices and products of the 21st century
  2.        And even more challenging; how to produce graphene with consistent purity?

The Company’s “Hyperion Detonation Technology” can consistently produce graphene of 99.8% purity which can then be precisely engineered, or “functionalized” for seamless integration into various applications. The Company produces at commercial scale, cost-efficiently, for a wide range of industrial end-users with a market that is expected to reach $2.5B by 2028.  While other graphene companies are still grappling with this demanding equation, HydroGraph Clean Power is sitting with all the answers.

HydroGraph’s amazing tech breakthrough in producing graphene requires no graphite as an input. You might even say that Hydrograph manufactures graphene ‘out of thin air’, using only readily available, low-cost acetylene and oxygen.

Sound too good to be true? HydroGraph is currently scaling up its Manhattan, Kansas graphene production facility. The Company expects to step up production to its full-scale commercial size graphene production cell in Q4 2022.

Dynamic Wealth Research will be providing investors with a more-detailed look at the amazing potential of Hyperion technology in a future full-length feature article on HydroGraph Clean Power.

These Hyperion graphene production “cells” are compact (~2 cubic meters) and modular. This means that they can be bolted into the production facility of any manufacturer seeking a scalable supply of graphene for its products/devices.

Each cell will be available with a low cap-ex outlay and can produce up to 12 tonnes of 99.8% pure graphene per year.

How much graphene is that? There are only four other companies in the world in commercial production that also meet the quality specifications of The Graphene Council. The largest of these two producers, Ceylon Graphene Technologies has total annual production of 1.8 tonnes of graphene.

Dynamic Wealth Research recently sat down for a chat with the CEO of HydroGraph Clean Power, Stuart Jara. Jara indicated that – with the low cap-ex and compact size of these Hyperion cells -- he envisions supplying initial corporate partners with 15 of these Hyperion graphene production cells to meet their current needs (with a potential to expand to many more cells for future demand).

At 12 tonnes per cell, that equates to 180 tonnes of 99.8% pure graphene annually, or 100X the current annual production of Ceylon Graphene.

For investors who are looking for a strong ESG play to add to their portfolio, HydroGraph Clean Power is also the world’s greenest graphene company. With the Hyperion process requiring minimal energy, producing zero greenhouse gas emissions, and using no solvents, HydroGraph’s ultra-pure graphene production leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than any of its competitors.

HydroGraph Clean Power sits with a post-meltdown market cap of only CAD$21.7 million (US$14.5 million). A billion-dollar market cap for this Company could potentially be on the distant horizon.

Why even look out that far? Because HydroGraph is also one the most sustainable graphene companies today.

The high-grade graphite required by many other graphene producers to manufacture their own graphene is derived from mined graphite. Indeed, Ceylon Graphene (based in Sri Lanka) indicates that with its mine, it has access to “the only place in the world where vein graphite is found in commercial quantities”.

This means that in order for the world to substantially increase its total graphene production from graphite-based manufacturing, that first graphene is going to get very, very expensive at a likely lower quality than Hydrograph’s. Then supplies will simply run out – as deposits of large-flake/high-grade graphite will eventually be exhausted.

HydroGraph’s patented Hyperion process for manufacturing graphene requires only relatively common industrial gases, which are available in abundant supply. Hydrograph is producing the (clean) graphene of the future – today.

Graphene is an ultra-hi-tech material that is destined to revolutionize many of the industries in the global economy. HydroGraph Clean Power is in the process of revolutionizing the manufacturing of graphene itself.

Call it a “revolution squared”.

Does that sound like a fit for your portfolio?

FULL DISCLOSURE: HydroGraph Clean Power is a paid client of Dynamic Wealth Research.


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