Bottled Water to Outsell Soda for First Time This Year

Bloomberg finds a new angle on the burgeoning bottled water trend...Bottled water will be more popular than soda for the first time in the U.S. this year, thanks to its convenience -- and fears over what’s coming out of the tap. The biggest U.S. bottled-water companies -- Nestle Waters, Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group -- say Americans have switched from carbonated beverages because their products are calorie-free and as portable as a can of Mountain Dew. But the expectation that future sales will rise has to do with another, less happy reason: crumbling infrastructure.

Pokémon Go revenue hits $200M in 30 days

Pokémon Go keeps on going. The popular mobile game rang up more than $200 million in its first 30 days — more than seven times the amount taken in by 2014’s Candy Crush Soda Saga and continues to be No. 1 in Apple’s App Store.

Profit From The Race For A Zika Vaccine

The Zika virus is back in the headlines. And it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore... especially because a viable Zika vaccine hasn’t reached the market yet. The media is delivering round-the-clock coverage of “Zikamania.” And believe it or not, there is an upside...

What Trump got right and wrong on the economy

Donald Trump slammed President Obama and Hillary Clinton on Monday, saying their policies have hurt America economically. Lets take a look at his claims and see what is true and what is false.

New record for U.S.stocks...despite warnings

Olympians in Rio aren't the only ones setting new records. The U.S. stock market did it again Monday. Yet big time investors aren't cheering the market's gold medal performance. Instead, they say they're "reluctantly bullish."

GOP to Trump: Right the ship or lose Senate

Republican leaders are watching Donald Trump's campaign with growing alarm as they fear a landslide at the top of the ticket could wipe away their hard-fought congressional majority.

The Last Known Gold Deposit

If we took all the gold ever mined—all 186,000 tonnes, from the bullion at Fort Knox to India’s bridal jewelry to King Tut’s burial mask—and melted it down to a 20.5 meter-sided cube, it would fit snugly within the confines of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Wal-Mart to buy in bid to strengthen e-commerce offering

Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Monday it would buy online retailer for about $3 billion, the largest-ever deal for an e-commerce startup, as it races to build a Web business to better compete with

9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple

Since Steve Jobs appointed Cook CEO in 2011, Apple's revenue has tripled—and more than a billion people now use its products. Here are 9 things Tim Cook has done to make Apple a powerful, profitable, and vibrant powerhouse.

Bitfinex users set to lose 36% of their holding in bitcoin hack

The currency platform Bitfinex has taken more than a third off all accounts after last week’s cybertheft of nearly 120,000 bitcoins. On Saturday, Bitfinex confirmed it had spread losses among all users of the platform, rather than just users who had lost bitcoins.

Colombia’s New, Legal Drug Barons Focus on Medical Marijuana

Last year, President Juan Manuel Santos spearheaded an overhaul of Colombia’s 30-year-old drug laws, which formally legalized medical marijuana for domestic use. Crucially, the new law also allowed the commercial cultivation, processing and export of medical marijuana products.