CBD Beverage Stocks Are Pouring Investor Profits

CBD Beverage Stocks Are Pouring Investor Profits
CBD Drinks Are Coming to Your Grocery Cart 
  • New Frontier in Pot Boom - CBD beverage companies are already making investors rich 
  • Big Money Backing - Three Fortune 500 companies are making plans to move into cannabinoid drinks—one for the adult-only market, two for the non-alcoholic beverage market 
  • How To Play It – One stock already up 1200% and the next big winner is just starting its run 
Constellation (STZ) envisions an adult beverage, laced with THC, the “high” and illegal-in-the-U.S. cannabinoid found in marijuana. 
The major beer company put a $4 billion investment into Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC | TSX: WEED), Canada’s largest marijuana company, to lay the foundation for the future launch of a cannabis-infused beer too.
But long before a cannabis-infused adult beverage slides down the bar, Constellation’s nimble competitors expect to put their own cannabis-infused drinks on the shelves. Regular grocery store shelves, that is.  
These other companies are looking at drinks enhanced with CBD.
CBD, as every stoner knows, doesn’t cause a high. Its attraction lies in its myriad well-researched health and wellness effects. And best of all, CBD can be extracted from hemp instead of marijuana, so it should soon be completely legal everywhere.  
That puts them on a faster path to market and much wider distribution. 
CBD is out to take off across the US too. The 2018 Farm Bill, when passed, will legalize hemp cultivation in all 50 states. 
Thanks to those changes, Brightfield Group predicts that the hemp industry will grow by 40X over the next three years to reach $22 billion in 2022. 
CBD-infused beverages should be a large part of that and the multi-billion dollar race is on to get a CBD-infused beverage to market. 
Heavyweight Fight For CBD-Infused Beverage Boom 
In September, Coca-Cola (KO) confirmed it is exploring a CBD-infused wellness drink.i, ii 
In early October, PepsiCo’s (PEP) CFO Hugh Johnston finally admitted it’s interested in a CBD drink, too, but PepsiCo won’t say any more than that for the moment. 
A new line CBD drinks seems at least a year or two away for these two companies, but, regardless of how successful, will just be another product in a huge line-up for these beverage behemoths.
If you want to win big in CBD-infused beverages, you’ve got to look for the small companies where a big selling beverage product will make a huge impact.

That’s where several innovative beverage companies come in to this.  
Warning: they’re not all created equally though.
Take a look at India Globalization Capital (IGC), a small Maryland company.
IGC plans to sell Nitro G, a sugar-free CBD-enhanced energy drink.
Even though the company tried to keep its announcement fairly low key - CBD hungry investors applauded the news so vigorousl—that IGC stock soared more than 1200% from $1 to over $13 in three weeks. 

Of course, this is a company that has no beverage expertise of any kind.
If you look closely, you’ll see IGC’s Nitro G is still “in creation.” 
Plus, the company is also developing cannabis pharmaceuticals—an expensive business with uncertain outcomes.
The combination has a lot of potential, but it makes IGC very speculative.
In this respect it’s much like the dozens of creative cannabis brands that sell locally in regional markets where marijuana is legal, such as Colorado and Southern California.
These small companies may have a product on the way, but the business isn’t ready to go national.  
That’s why the Seed Investor will focus on two smaller beverage companies with tens of millions of dollars in revenues, distribution networks, and everything else in place to truly launch a CBD-infused beverage.
These two companies are New Age Beverage (NBEV) and The Alkaline Water Co (TSX & OTC: WTER).  

Better And Best: NBEV and WTER Poised To Capture This Opportunity NOW

NBEV will unveil its line of CBD drinks at a large industry conference in mid-October and could be taking orders on the spotiii.  
NBEV already has coconut water, green tea, kombucha, and Bob Marley-branded coffee and natural drinks in its line-up and distribution contracts with several grocery chains so it can reach existing customers through its normal channels.
It’s still a very small company selling in small amounts, but being early with a CBD drink could be a company-maker which takes NBEV to a new level.
Here’s the catch with NBEV though.
Let’s say everything works out perfectly for NBEV and they get a CBD-infused beverage approved, get retailers on board, stir up consumer demand, and everything else.
Will that be enough to justify it’s run from $1.55 to $9.99 a share?
It’s not a question we’d want to hang around to see the answer for.
That’s why we’re focusing here on the most interesting prospect in the CBD-infused beverage race.
The Alkaline Water Co (TSX & OTC: WTER) was on the fast-track to success, now, with a CBD-infused beverage product, it’s only moving faster.
Three years ago, WTER seemed like a long shot in the bottled water business, an industry that is overwhelmingly dominated by Nestle, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. 
But WTER’s Alkaline 88 product was distinct enough and its industry savvy great enough to compete with the giants and thrive.
Now, 39 of the top 50 Super-Grocer chains carry Alkaline 88 bottled water, including Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, Walmart and Winn-Dixie.  
So far this year, WTER stock has risen 334% on the regular water business, which is just a start relative to the other recent high-flyers in the sector.
The new A88 Enhanced Beverage Division and the addition of a CBD-enhanced water suggests that trend has a lot of blue sky still overhead.  

WTER is a unique entrant in the race for CBD drinks. 
Because its smaller than the giants like KO and PEP, it has been able to move rapidly to develop a product with strong appeal. Many people who use CBD for conditions like PTSD, stress, or reactions to chemotherapy require daily, around the clock help.
By packing CDB in water instead of a sugary soft drink, with small dosages, the A88 beverages can be enjoyed several times a day. 
No mom ever has to worry about the kids getting into it. It’s good for everyone.
Plus, the alkalinity of Alakaline88 water enhances the stability and effectiveness of CBD. 
Not to be overlooked is that WTER is big enough to already have a rich national distribution system of over 40,000 points or retail that it can piggyback. 
The company already has nationally seven co-packing plants under contract and the capability to expand almost instantly anywhere in the US.
CBD is on its way to being a mainstream product and it’s a huge opportunity for you and WTER.
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