The Metaverse Is Unlimited Growth

The Metaverse Is Unlimited Growth


The Metaverse: A World Without Limits

The launch of the “metaverse” has been a disaster. 

The enormous $36 billion (and growing) investment by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) into creating a virtual world hasn’t caught much traction. 

An estimated 10,000 users per day visit the social media giant’s metaverse which is about how many visitors Facebook gets every second. 

The costly rollout couldn’t have come at a worse time for Meta. 

The company is peaking out on user growth (it’s already in the billions). 

Revenue per user is flatlining (consumers getting squeezed, so advertisers are cutting back fast). 

And the combination of events has sent Meta shares cratering. 

They’re down about 65% on the year and have taken more than $600 billion in market value with them. 

But here's the thing: do not write off the metaverse yet.

The metaverse is set to be the centerpiece of a multi-trillion dollar tech world and we're just starting to understand the full scope of it all.

The Metaverse Futre Is Already Here

The first thing you have to understand about the metaverse isn’t that it’s some “coming” technology. 

It’s here. It’s addictive. And it’s enormously profitable. 

Here’s what I mean. 

Forget about the ghost town that Meta has built for now. 

A metaverse can be anything that’s a shared virtual space. 

There are many metaverses currently in existence.

Take Fortnite. 

This is a simple metaverse with 83 million monthly users who mainly play in battle royale scenarios. 

The average Fortnite player spends  5-10 hours per week in the Fortnite virtual world, which equates to around an hour per day for tens of millions of people.

And it has every element of a metaverse. There are social interactions. There are avatars representing the players. And it’s all in a completely electronic universe. 

For investors, the key part is it’s lucrative too. Fortnite generated $5.8 billion in revenue last year.

Other successful metaverses include Minecraft (90 million monthly active users), League of Legends (117 million monthly active users), and Roblox (50 million daily active users). 

These metaverses have attracted extremely high activity from their users. 

For example, the average League of Legends user will spend 832 hours playing the game. 

These are all individual metaverses with highly defined communities, rules, and goals. 

They are all doing well. 

The change point when the metaverse becomes what Zuckerberg and many other tech titans foresee will be when these metaverses combine and you can travel seamlessly around them all. 

Eventually, it’s more than likely the average person will spend 4-10 hours per day working and playing in the metaverse. 

This kind of user activity will create fortunes from data and advertising, making the metaverse(s) potentially the most valuable tech project in history.

Predicting The Present Is Easy

There are few things that match the metaverse in potential growth and scale at the current time. 

There’s enough potential there now to make the metaverse(s) the world’s most valuable tech project in history. 

Of course, one company’s efforts, Meta’s, didn’t get off to a roaring start. 

Therefore the media jumps on it all and mocks the future of the metaverse. 

Here’s some examples:

“Why Facebook’s Metaverse Is Dead on Arrival” - NY Intelligencer

“The Metaverse Is As Dead As Zuckerberg’s Cartoon Eyes” - FastCompany

“Metaverse Dream Dead in the Water as Facebook Fires 11,000 META Employees” -

These media types are always great at predicting the present. 

Which, if you choose to look at it just one metaverse created by one company, looks pretty bleak. 

Judging by the success of multiple gaming metaverses, however, the future will likely be a much different story. 



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