New uranium fund signals start of bull run amid tight supply

  • 09/14/2021
  • Source:
  • by: Bloomberg News Staff
New uranium fund signals start of bull run amid tight supply
A new uranium fund that’s snapping up supplies signals the start of a lasting bull run for the commodity used to power nuclear plants.

That’s the view of Nick Piquard, a portfolio manager at Horizons ETFs, who expects prices to soar above $60 a pound in the coming months. That would be about 40% higher from where futures are currently trading in New York. 

The Sprott Physical Uranium Trust started buying the commodity on the spot market in mid-August and has amassed over 24 million pounds of uranium, equivalent to about 14% of global reactor consumption. That’s “accelerated the timetable” of a potential bull market by a year or two by locking up a large chunk of supply just as demand prospects are improving, Piquard said in an interview.  

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