Gold At $2000: What’s Next For Precious Metals?

Gold At $2000: What’s Next For Precious Metals?
The spot price for gold has pushed above $2,000 per ounce as this article is being written. The futures price had already crossed the $2,000 threshold.

The price of silver exploded higher today, rising roughly $1 per ounce in a half-hour.

This begs the question: what’s next for precious metals markets?

It’s an easy question to answer – if you understand what has already taken place.

Currencies going to zero

Fiat currencies never “rise in value”. When bankers and mainstream media drones talk about a “rising currency”, this is grossly misleading.

All of our fiat currencies are in a never-ending downward spiral, with only one possible destination: zero.

Throw several objects off of the roof of a tall building. They will fall at varying rates (due to differences in mass and aerodynamics). In relative terms, some of the falling objects may appear to “rise” versus the other falling objects during their descent.

But they all end up at the same place.

So it is with our paper fiat currencies.

All fiat currencies always go to zero (or are simply removed from circulation).

There has never been an exception to this in the 1,000 years since humanity began experimenting with this form of monetary fraud. No con lasts forever.

This is how and why the price of gold has risen by roughly 5600% over the last 50 years -- priced in this depreciating paper.

We know that over the long term all fiat currencies (including the U.S. dollar) are going to zero. But this “long term” began 50 years ago when the U.S. government severed the dollar’s last connection to the gold standard.

The time has been ticking on these currencies for half a century. The clock could run out at any time.

The U.S. dollar has already lost 99% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve assumed statutory responsibility to “protect” the dollar. How much longer will it take Fed bankers to destroy the last 1% of the dollar’s value?

Worthless currencies. What does that mean?

Prices go to infinity

How much does an ounce of gold “cost” in Monopoly money? It’s a nonsensical question.

The currency from a board game is worthless. Thus priced in Monopoly money, the “cost” of an ounce of gold is infinite.

All of our fiat currencies are becoming “Monopoly money”. Totally worthless.

This is not a theory. It is not a possibility. It is an absolute certainty.

Fiat currencies always go to zero. Our currencies have already lost most of their value – permanently.

This is why people hold gold and silver. Because any/all wealth that is sheltered in bullion is immune to the loss of wealth from the depreciation of our paper currencies.

People are buying much more gold and silver (suddenly) because the death-spiral of these fiat currencies is accelerating.

Armed with an understanding of what has been taking place over the last 50 years, it becomes simple to answer the question: what’s next for precious metals?

Gold and silver going to infinity

We know that over the long term that the prices of gold and silver (and all hard assets) are going to infinity – priced in our dying fiat currencies.
  • U.S. dollar has lost 99% of its value
  • The collapse of the dollar is accelerating

As already noted, we are now near the end of this “long term”. The final crisis for the USD and all of these other fiat currencies could come at any time.

This is why the West’s corrupt central bankers have been floating ideas for “new currencies”, going back well over a decade.

When their current fiat currency Ponzi schemes die their inevitable horrible deaths, these monetary Con Men want to start new fiat currency Ponzi schemes.

All of these fiat currencies are going to zero. Their final collapse is imminent.

But as with all such monetary catastrophes, this will not be a smooth descent.

Immediate term: rising precious metals prices, extreme volatility

The world’s fraudulent fiat currencies will soon be worthless. But the architects of this monetary fraud – the world’s central banks – won’t go down without a fight.

Why not? Because controlling a nation’s printing press is the world’s most lucrative ‘business’.
“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)
This quote is attributed to the patriarch of humanity’s most notorious banking clan.

There is some dispute over the authenticity of the quote. But there is no doubt about the truth behind it.

Control a nation’s printing press and you control its government. This is what central bankers mean when they assert (every day) the “independence” of their central banks.

These central banks are above our governments.

The U.S. Congress wanted to audit the Federal Reserve (and discover what skeletons were hiding in its closet). The Federal Reserve said “no”. There was no audit.

Which is the Boss and which is the lackey? Bosses rarely willingly surrender power.

And attacking the gold (and silver) market is a long-standing priority with Western central bank Bosses.
“…central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise.”
-  Chairman Alan Greenspan, testimony to the Federal Reserve Board, 1998
“Leasing” gold is the surreptitious (and illegitimate) means by which Western central banks have been suppressing the price of gold for decades.

A rising price of gold is the canary in the coal mine that warns us of the monetary debauchery of central banks. For over 30 years, Western central banks (and the Bullion Banks) have been doing everything they could to kill this canary.

In the last days of these dying fiat currencies, expect the bankers’ attacks on the gold and silver markets to be even more ferocious – and ultimately futile.

The price of gold has hit a new, all-time nominal high. But in reality it is a meaningless number. It’s just one more nominal milestone as gold (and silver) move to infinity and our currencies collapse to zero.

As price volatility in precious metals increases going forward, this makes all dips in the price of gold or silver clear “buying opportunities”.

Epic opportunity with precious metals mining stocks

This is even more true with gold and silver mining stocks.

This is the ratio of the price of gold to gold stocks.

Over the course of all precious metals rallies, mining stocks leverage rising bullion prices. As we see above, these gold stocks haven’t begun to leverage the price of gold – yet.

Even after these stocks have roughly doubled in value, across the board, they are still priced at historically cheap levels versus bullion prices.

Bail out of central bank paper. This means not only fiat currencies but also fraudulent Western sovereign bonds.

These IOU’s pay no interest and are denominated in soon-to-be-worthless currencies. The ultimate Ponzi scheme.

Load the boat with (physical) gold and silver but avoid bullion-ETFs. Cash-in on gold and silver mining stocks.


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