Gold and silver gain momentum heading into the European open

Gold has started the week on the front foot rising 0.25% to trade at $1795/oz. Silver is also trading higher having risen 1.19%. In the rest of the commodities complex, copper is 1.24% higher and spot WTI has risen 4.95% but this comes after a big fall on Friday. 

Risk sentiment in the Asia Pac area was still pretty poor overnight. The Nikkei 225 (-1.63%), ASX (-0.54%) and Shanghai Composite (-0.04%) all struggled. Futures in Europe are indicating a positive cash open.

In FX markets, the U.S. dollar index has pushed 0.23% into the black and the strength has been pretty broadbased. In the crypto space, bitcoin trades 0.52% higher and hit $57,611.

Major news from the weekend and overnight:
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