Chalice Wealth Partners Launches Chalice Financial Network, a Members-Only FinTech Platform for Financial Advisors

Chalice Wealth Partners Launches Chalice Financial Network, a Members-Only FinTech Platform for Financial Advisors
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Chalice Wealth Partners, a financial technology membership organization for registered investment advisors (RIAs) and wealth advisors, today announced the launch of Chalice Financial Network, a shared-services technology platform that enables members to access their full suite of products and services – all via a single sign on.

Designed to alleviate the difficulties and frustrations experienced by advisors when navigating both crucial business decisions and various technology platforms, Chalice Financial Network provides access to best-in-class products, services and support. In addition, it integrates an advisor's technology into one accessible location so that they can leverage both business solutions and operating tools from the same digital marketplace.

"Wealth advisors spend up to four hours of their day wrestling between one system to another just to run their business," said Chalice Wealth Partners Chairman and CEO Keith Gregg.  "Our goal is simple: to solve for the complexities involved in selecting, implementing, and consequently navigating between multiple platforms and providers. We're differentiating ourselves by providing our members with resources beyond just investment management tools. Chalice offers every solution advisors need to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently, including HR, payroll, and group health benefits."

Carefully vetted through an internal screening process, Chalice Financial Network members can choose from top financial products and solutions, including:
  • RIA Friendly Full-service Broker Dealer
  • Independent corporate RIA
  • Custom TAMP Solution (including ALTS)
  • Alternative Investments
  • Investment Banking
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Business services including HR, IT, payroll, compliance, and group health benefits
  • Membership Equity

Gregg and partner Anthony Nanula both have extensive track records in the financial services industry. Gregg is a 30-year industry veteran whose experience, notably when he helped launch the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (formally known as First Union/Wachovia Securities) has been instrumental in assisting financial advisors in their process of becoming independent business owners. Nanula has served as a New State Senator and is currently a member of a prominent family office in Buffalo, New York. Together, they set out to provide a true end-to-end solution for financial advisors' businesses after seeing first-hand a need for operational support and guidance in the industry.

Joining Chalice Wealth Partners as Managing Partner and COO is 27-year industry veteran Derek Bruton. Bruton will also serve as President of Chalice Capital Partners, the firm's Broker-Dealer, and Chalice Wealth Advisors, the firm's RIA. Bruton's leadership experience at his recent position as Managing Director at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. as well as LPL Financial will drive initiatives of expanding and increasing the platform's membership network of advisors.

"We have created what we believe is the 'Holy Grail for Wealth Advisors,'" said Nanula. "Chalice's sweet spot lies in partnering with advisors so that we can empower them with the tools and technology to succeed. Our mission is to disrupt the industry so that our members can access everything they need at the click of a mouse."

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About Chalice Wealth Partners
Based in San Diego, CA, Chalice Wealth Partners is a FinTech-powered membership benefit organization for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and wealth advisors. Its fully integrated shared service technology platform provides access with a single sign-on to all the products and services wealth advisors need to simplify and amplify their business, including business tools and financial products. Additional information can be found at


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