The Sewage Economy

What if our economy was primarily based upon the production of sewage? In fact, it is.

Stocks plunge, havens jump on mounting coronavirus fears

U.S. equities tumbled alongside stocks in Europe and Asia as authorities struggled to keep the coronavirus from spreading more widely outside China. Havens including Treasuries and gold jumped.

Why 2020 Is Set To Be An Earnings Bonanza

Here’s the good news: you’re not stuck between the pathetic sub-2% payout on regular stocks and the 0% you’ll get in cash. There’s a better way—one that pays you huge 6%+ dividends and regularly crushes stocks!

Here’s what the new trade deal means for the markets

The trade deal agreed to by the U.S. and China diffuses tensions between the world’s two largest economies, and could help boost corporate profits marginally and the global economy next year, analysts say.