At 90 Months Old, This Bull Still Has Lots Of Kick

While the Fed's need to hike rates has gotten stronger, investor focus is back on whether the stock market has peaked. Despite pessimistic growling from the bears, some savvy market watchers are doubling down on their optimism.

Why Traders Are Betting The Dollar Will Breakout

The Fed could increase short-term interest rates as soon as next month. Higher rates make dollar-denominated assets more attractive. Traders are on the lookout for signs the dollar could surge further against the yen, euro and some emerging-market currencies.

Deutsche Bank Calling For $1,700 Gold

Deutsche Bank analysts Michael Hsueh and Grant Sporre wrote in a note to clients Friday that if measured as a currency, gold’s worth is close to $1,700 per ounce. This is a steep 29% climb from gold’s current price, which has traded near a five-week low this week.

3 Ways To Profit From The Stressed-Out American Consumer

People are piling up huge amounts of new debt in two areas: auto and student loans. But, there’s a silver lining for investors. Here are three areas to invest in right now: Lenders, Discount Retailers and Debt Collection.

How To Profit From Federal Election Law Loophole

One entrepreneur is making big, risk free money by contributing to both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns. And he’s doing it because of a loophole in the federal election law.

How to Profit From Impending Fed Rate Hike

Banks led the stock market higher Monday as investors anticipate that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates this year from their historically low levels. That could help banks recover from a long slump by making lending more profitable.

The Best Gold Play Right Now Is A Silver Stock?

Silver Wheaton is the world's largest precious metal streaming company, and as its name implies, it dominates the silver market. However, a steady stream of gold acquisitions in recent years put it in the position to cash in on the rising price of gold.

These Stocks Are Perfect For Your 401(k)

If you pick the right stocks in your 401(k), this can lead to some fantastic growth. Celgene, Helmerich & Payne, and 3M are three stocks that can help turbocharge your retirement savings in a 401k.

What To Expect From The Markets This Week

This week, the U.S. monthly jobs report will accompany data on personal consumption and inflation, while readings in Europe on unemployment and business sentiment could reflect the impact of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union.

Why You Need To Short Netflix Now

Netflix plans to spend about $6 billion in cash on content this year, an astronomical figure. Netflix is currently burning cash. Through the first six months of this year, the company's operating cash flow was negative $455 million.

How Currency Traders Can't Lose

Everyone’s a winner in the $5.3 trillion-a-day global currency market this year. Straight forward trade strategies that buy undervalued currencies and sell expensive ones, and tactics that latch onto foreign-exchange trends, are all making money and on record pace in 2016.

What Stock Will Soar From Zika Threat

Diagnostics company Hologic (HOLX) and its Spanish partner Grifols (GRFS) said Monday that the FDA had granted emergency authorization for their new system for screening donated blood for the Zika virus.