The Last Known Gold Deposit

If we took all the gold ever mined—all 186,000 tonnes, from the bullion at Fort Knox to India’s bridal jewelry to King Tut’s burial mask—and melted it down to a 20.5 meter-sided cube, it would fit snugly within the confines of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Wal-Mart to buy in bid to strengthen e-commerce offering

Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Monday it would buy online retailer for about $3 billion, the largest-ever deal for an e-commerce startup, as it races to build a Web business to better compete with

9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple

Since Steve Jobs appointed Cook CEO in 2011, Apple's revenue has tripled—and more than a billion people now use its products. Here are 9 things Tim Cook has done to make Apple a powerful, profitable, and vibrant powerhouse.

Bitfinex users set to lose 36% of their holding in bitcoin hack

The currency platform Bitfinex has taken more than a third off all accounts after last week’s cybertheft of nearly 120,000 bitcoins. On Saturday, Bitfinex confirmed it had spread losses among all users of the platform, rather than just users who had lost bitcoins.

Colombia’s New, Legal Drug Barons Focus on Medical Marijuana

Last year, President Juan Manuel Santos spearheaded an overhaul of Colombia’s 30-year-old drug laws, which formally legalized medical marijuana for domestic use. Crucially, the new law also allowed the commercial cultivation, processing and export of medical marijuana products.

4 Election Year Myths About Investing

Instead of paying attention to all the campaign hoopla, focus on protecting your portfolio in these uncertain times. Each election year, myths of all kinds are presented as gospel to investors. This year, investors might be especially at risk since this presidential election is, well, pretty crazy.

Rio 2016: Economists question wisdom of hosting Olympics

The sports-related costs of the games in Rio is approximately $4.6 billion, 51 percent over budget. The overall cost of the games including all Olympic-related projects has been estimated at $12 billion. Will Brazil see long term benefits from this massive expenditure or will it be an economic disaster?

Callaway Golf shares score off Nike's market duff

Nike's (NKE) decision to quit the golf equipment business could benefit much-smaller rival Callaway Golf (ELY) , whose shares surged Thursday on the news, even as the game that Mark Twain memorably described as a "good walk spoiled" struggles to retain its relevance.

Facebook could owe $5 billion in back taxes

Facebook is digging in over its fight with the Internal Revenue Service. The social network said this week that it faces a potential $5 billion tax bill after moving some of its assets to Ireland.

Tesla to acquire SolarCity in a $2.6 billion all-stock deal

Tesla Motors said it would buy solar panel installer SolarCity for $2.6 billion in shares to form a one-stop clean energy shop. The deal is a major part of Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk's master plan "part deux" that calls for the company to offer consumers a single source of hardware to power a low-carbon lifestyle.